Thursday, March 29, 2012

Minutes - Meeting 3/22/12

  • Queer Ballroom Social - trying to get it moved still
    • Either April 4th or 7th, but it won't be in Edmunds Ballroom
  • The Gaypril calendar will be sent out soon
  • Do we want to do a poster campaign again?
    • Angelica will help fund the event
    • Could do something like the Genderpending campaign done three years ago
    • Want to include pictures of Mudders with quotes of people, maybe
    • Theme?
    • There's a general attitude that we have nothing left to talk about on this subject because people are so accepting, but we don't think this is true. Let's challenge this and come up with things that aren't talked about much!
      • Next week - discuss this, come up with quotes to put up that bring up this point
  • Dean Spade (law professor at Univ. of Washington) was contacted by August. He is busy this year, but he can come talk in Claremont next semester
    • November 29th?
    • Let's find out the cost first, talk to Angelica, and maybe ask for a larger budget next year?
  • Faculty dinners - still pending
  • Chance talked to Angelica about how people invited to talk at the 5Cs are not usually aware of our environment, or they're aimed at the wrong audience
    • Maybe talk to other clubs about getting more informed/important speakers
      • Meeting of all queer group leaders at the 5Cs once a month
    • Also have students review events after they occur

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Meeting 3/8/12

  • Queer Ballroom Social currently scheduled for April 13th at 7:00 PM
    • Same day as Funball
    • Liz will try to see if it can be changed to April 14th
  • Our Breaking the Silence BBQ is on the 5C calendar for Gaypril
  • Sarah has not heard about ASP yet...
  • How should we spend the extra money we have?
    • Perhaps it can be used for better dinner with profs, as currently it has been suggested that we have dinner at the profs' houses to be more cost efficient. 
  • Happy Spring Break!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Minutes - Meeting 3/1/12

  • Cameron talked to Dean Jakes - we have money for dinner with faculty
    • Cameron will email profs and confirm with them
  • World News: 
    • Gay sex in India was passed a few months ago, and recently, the government promised they will stand by the judicial decision
    • Obama said health insurance should cover contraception
      • Lost in court, 51-48
    • Maryland legalized gay marriage
  • 33 events are planned for Gaypril - a calendar will be sent out
    • Should we paint our wall? - decided not to, since painting Walker wall is already a huge event
  • ASP - admissions said they would email Sarah during the first few weeks of March
    • Dinner will most likely be possible
  • Need to talk to dorms and the Hoch about using extra grills for BBQ
    • Day of Silence (and BBQ) is on 4/20
    • Also holding a silent picnic outside all of the dining halls during lunch
    • Amy and DOS will front the money for the BBQ
  • Side note: rules of the internet are long and weird.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Minutes - Meeting 2/16/12

  • Sarah talked to admissions about the dinner during ASP
    • They said it was a good idea but haven't gotten back to us yet
    • Sarah said to have back up plans in mind
  • New Jersey has a bill to allow gay marriage! And Washington passed it last week! 
  • Club budget - ~$575 dollars left, of which we want to reserve ~$400 for the barbecue
    • Crushes didn't use up as much money as we expected, as people paid about $60 for extra
  • Dean Spade is in Ontario for a transgender conference, so we should try to get him to come to the 5Cs
    • August will send us information about him and essays he's written. He's apparently extremely articulate :)
  • Dinner with faculty still happening? Do we have funding? - Cameron will talk with Dean Jakes 
  • Lisa Cau, Scripps Family member is still doing Queer Bible Studies, anyone is welcome to join
  • random aside - simple harmonic sexuality!