Friday, May 3, 2013

Meeting Minutes May 3rd

  • No profs responding for dinner :( Maybe talk to Prof. Sparks and Prof. Su?
  • Big news this week:
    • Jason Collins, the current NBA player, came out 
      • First active athlete to come out
      • Robby Rogers, a soccer player, came out while he was not playing anymore. Now wants to join the LA Galaxy team
      • Why so few in professional sports?
        • Stigma against sports, so even if interested, queer people turn away from professional levels
        • Highly sexualized environment
  • LGBT-friendly traveling: American Airlines, Delta, Hilton
    • They have Gay and Lesbian travel pages online
    • Perhaps they allow for transfer of travel funds among partners, as opposed to just "family"

Pictures from the Breaking the Silence Barbecue, '13!

Jozi made this amazing rainbow cake!

Minutes April 5, April 12

April 5

  • April 19th - Alex Sanchez the writer will be here from 7-9pm
  • BBQ on April 19th from 5:30-7pm for Day of Silence
    • Talk to dorms!
    • Buy coals, lighter fluid, find cars to go on Thursday
    • Fridges? Freezers? Make a google doc of shopping list and car list 
    • Jozi will make a rainbow cake!
  • Funding request through Cameron - Brianna Stansberry at Pitzer
  • Sex Positive shout it out day on April 27th - any interest in helping? 
    • Need help making cookies and posters the week before
  • Dinners? Dean Maggie, Prof. Dyson, Prof. Yong, Prof. O'Neill
  • ASP dinner? 
  • "gay? fine by me." shirts are in
    • $6 for a new one if you already have one
    • wear them during ASP
    • table for shirts
  • Ally training on April 8th, 5-7pm in the Aviation room
  • 2 Supreme Court cases started, outcome in June

April 12

  • Jozi will write the check to Jacey 
  • Barbecue:
    • Have an extra driver! - when do we want to buy things? put up shopping times on the google doc
    • Contact Sontag/Case/Linde/West for barbecues
    • Use Scott's fridge for things
  • Lots of off-campus interest for "gay? fine by me." shirts, so we should buy a lot and sell them
  • Officers for next year? email prism-l
    • Kevin and Jozi for president
    • Izzy for documentarian

Crush for Your Crush Pictures!