Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Meeting Minutes

11/9 - Politics (After the Election)

  • First lesbian senator - Tammy Baldwin
  • 2 LGBTQ* in House of Representatives
  • France's Cabinet approved gay marriage, waiting on final decision though
  • 16 yrs ago, supporting gay rights would hurt a campaign, now it seems to be a reason that people voted for Obama
  • Some Republican candidates: "Rape is a sign of god." Glad most of them did not win. 
  • Demographics changing - targeting older white men is not good enough to win the election anymore (Republican strategy)
  • New Hampshire has a transgender senator
  • Colorado has a gay state senator
  • CA has super majority in state level for Democrats 
  • Porn stars in LA must wear condoms - passed :O

11/2 - Queer Representation in Politics
  • Chance and Kevin had lunch with QRC and other leaders of queer groups
    • Calendar with all queer events being created
    • Workshop of intersectionality of various identities on 11/5 
    • Wednesday 11/7 - Mental Health at QRC from 5-6:30pm
    • 11/8 - Documentary reading 4-5:30pm
      • Queer Men's Social 7:30-9:30pm
  • Queer representation in politics
    • pretty high government positions are filled by LGBTQQIA folk
    • as long as you're openly out, your job is safe
      • only care if you're not out - blackmailing material
    • all states have had LGBTQQIA representatives
      • however, no governor, senator, or president
      • Wisconsin senator Tammy Baldwin running (lesbian)
    • Replican gay man in San Diego running for a position - has decided not to make his sexuality an issue to run on
      • Is this good or bad for the queer community? 
    • Should queer issues be brought up more in politics?
    • Is it better for elected positions to champion queer issues or be queer themselves?
      • Ideally both
    • Victory Fund - gives money to identifying runners if they are within 10% of winning a race
10/19 - How are your experiences at Mudd so far?
  • Right before fall break, so how is everyone doing so far? 
  • Any good movie suggestions?
  • Surprise guest - Arturo, gay activist from Columbia, doing his PhD in the Claremont Colleges
    • In big cities in Columbia, they have a lot more rights than America
      • civil unions that are almost equivalent to marriage
      • currently fighting for adoption rights
    • Other areas are still extremely conservative though, especially rural areas 
    • Trans* rights are a lot worse off