Sunday, December 11, 2011

Minutes - Meeting 12/9/11

  • Last meeting of the semester! :(
  • Will be sending out an email next semester to see which day works best for everyone to meet on
  • Discussion: Rick Perry campaign ad
    • Can already pray in schools, just can't force others to pray
    • In France, can't wear hijabs in schools
  • August's idea for workshop at Western Regional Conference (or other conferences)
    • Discussion about science and queer identity and how to bridge the gap
    • Generally, literature assumes heteronormativity and there's discrimination
    • Also, lots of queer activists mistrust/don't understand science. Scientists are seen as apolitical
    • Since we're in this scientists interested in activism minority, we should represent them.'
    • We can try to get National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals (NOGLSTP) involved - resources, etc.
      • Could also bring them here to speak!
  • No meeting next week! :( Have a good break!

Minutes - Meeting 12/2/11

  • Introductions: What's your favorite Disney movie?
  • Adrianna's coming to the next meeting with placards 
  • Funding request for speakers from "Everyone is gay" - trying to get people who don't usually go to queer events
    • Occurring on Feb. 24th
    • Raised $2000 already
    • Want to book by Dec. 20th
    • Motion to give $100 - passed
  • Bathroom Experiences funding request - acting on it now
  • Western Regional Conference occurring Feb. 24-26
    • LGBTQIA conference for all of California
    • Occurring at UC Merced this year
    • Cheaper if you register early
    • Last year, we held a workshop there. Ideas for this year?
  • Search committee for new dean of OID - if you know anyone, let Cameron know
  • News: CMC is about to approve gender neutral housing!
  • Fun facts: If you add a U to LGBTQIA, you get QUILTBAG! Also, LGBT reminds Kevin of Gay Bacon Lettuce Tomato

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Minutes - Meeting 11/18/11

  • Vigil at 7pm. Meet at the Hoch and walk down to the QRC
    • Discussion and tea after
  • Transgeneration viewing - is anyone going?
    • Conflicts with a lot of events
    • Motion to cancel event - confirmed
  • $75 for film about bathroom experiences - contact Nicole
  • Family is trying to get bloggers from "Everyone is gay" to come to the 5Cs, asking for money
    • Trying to spread awareness, etc. 
    • Decided to wait for more information (date, details, etc.) before committing 
  • QPAC study break on Sunday Nov. 20th with samosas
  • Discussion at lunch on transgender acceptance around the 5Cs
    • Biggest issue - changing course evaluations is difficult because it is scored using a machine
    • Let's start a petition at a table in the Hoch

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Minutes - 3 Meetings!


  • Intros
  • Let's make a Congratulations card for Angelica
    • Butcher paper and paint from the LAC
  • Posters for Transgender Day of Remembrance 
    • Design - Kevin
    • Candlelight Vigil
    • Transgeneration showing
    • Body outlines 
  • Queer People of Color Social at 6pm on Saturday
  • Ally Social tonight at QRC
  • Adriana's back - wants to come to a meeting and give Ally Placards
  • Dinner with faculty? - more news from Cameron

  • Meeting of queer groups across the 5Cs 
  • Transgender Day of Remembrance
    • QRC will make a joint calendar 
    • Candlelight vigil/movie screening run by PRISM
  • Go to Transgender/Genderqueer camp! 
  • QPAC meets Monday nights at CMC
  • Share a story!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Minutes - Meeting 11-11-11

  • Intros: name, PGP, check-in / how are you doing?
  • Announcement of upcoming events for Trans Day of Remembrance
  • Voted to fund Asian American Resource Center film screening of "It Gets Messy in Here," $75, Nicole will write the check
  • Body outlines on Saturday, 11/13/2011, 1:30pm in front of the Hoch
  • Course schedules!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Minutes - Meeting 10/7/11

  • Introductions
  • Wall painting planning
    • LAC has paint, colors, and brushes
    • Lauren, Natasha, and Mary Elise will paint it white
    • 3pm is the actual painting
  • Money business - need people to pay for donations, will be reimbursed
  • National Coming Out Day events at other colleges
    • Walker Wall painting on Sunday
    • Email from Cameron regarding other events
  • Will be having a meeting next week, despite fall break
  • Good coming out stories?

Friday, September 30, 2011

Minutes - Meeting 9/30/11

  • Money allocated to the Pitzer Feminist Coalition on Wednesday at 10am. 
    • Action to give $50 approved
  • Speakers for National Coming Out Day (next Friday, 10/7)
    • Need 2 students, a faculty member, and a person with queer parents
    • OID (or just Angelica) will be helping recruit
    • Picture with "Gay? Fine by me!" shirts on Tues. 10/11 near Hixon Court
  • Counted PRISM in the GLSEN Census
  • Tuesday Talks begin 10/4 at the QRC
  • Last Ally Training was today, went well
  • Thought questions (taken from the idea list below)
    • What do people think of queer portrayal in pop media?
    • Polyamory - opinions?
    • What do you do if you like someone but aren't sure about how they feel?

Meeting Ideas

Ideas for what to do/talk about at future PRISM meetings:

  • A lot of PRISM members are involved in ballroom dance. Reverse-gender ballroom time? (Some sort of casual social...?)
  • Homophobia in academia
  • The role/place of allies in the queer community
  • Biphobia (Are some groups within the LGBTQQIAA community more queer than others? If not, how to combat this (mis)conception?)
  • Media portrayal of all/part of the queer community: how are we all lumped together? Distanced from mainstream/heteronormative?
  • Relationship between feminist movements and the queer community
  • Bi- and trans- phobia in the queer community
  • Being an ally to other minority groups (race, class...)
  • More serious discussions!
  • Personal stories to share (especially queer ones, if people need to talk about something)
  • Life expectations
  • Body image
  • Secularism
  • Sex stuff
  • Polyamory
  • What if you're into someone and you aren't sure they'd be okay with it? (How do you even find out?)
  • Bonding/acceptance activities like "Crossing the Line"
  • Actually creating change on campus
  • More philosophical discussions
  • Socialization maybe?
  • What is the normal response of sports teams (CMS teams, specifically) to gay/lesbian/bi/transgendered/etc. individuals? Is it generally positive or negative?
  • How the male -> female sexual assault stereotype affects queer people ("I think the Survivors support group at the HEO describes itself as a group for 'women who have been victims of sexual assault' ")
  • Walking down the the village for a meeting
Non-PRISM related topics/games
  • Teen Wolf
  • Lady Gaga :)
  • "Just check Towleroad for a topic or Joe.My.God"
  • Can you tell me why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch?
  • You have someone sit with their back to the whiteboard, and someone writes a word on the board behind the person's head. Everyone can give one-word clues until the person guesses their word.
  • Improv game "Bang!" 
  • More telephone pictionary!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Minutes - Meeting 9/23/11

  • Meeting adjourned at 5:36pm
  • Introductions
  • Announcements:
    • Pitzer Feminist Coalition presenting women talking about bulimia on Oct. 7th
      • Asking for $200 from PRISM
      • We decided to ask for more information (who else has been asked for money, what is their budget, etc.) before responding
      • Same thing as what Chance was mentioning last week (he had it incorrect)
    • Leonard Fund cannot support all of PRISM + faculty dinners
      • Dean Jakes will fund them from other sources 
      • Students can only attend one dinner - look out for an email from Cameron
      • Previously allocated $50 from PRISM can be retracted
    • National Coming Out Day (Oct. 11)
      • We will have a professional photographer on the Tuesday (photo in Hixon Court)
      • Panel will be smaller this year than before - just a few students, few faculty/staff, maybe student with queer parents
      • If you know anyone who would like to talk on the panel, inform Cameron/David
    • Middle School Dance tonight from 10pm - 1am at Dom's Lounge (walk down together?)
    • Respond for Gay Days at Disneyland tomorrow!
    • On Sunday, Disney themed drag queens at The Fox Theater on Garey Ave. in Pomona
      • 18+ only, $5 for people under 21, otherwise free. Bring your ID.
  • Location change for next meeting: Big balcony reserved for Friday (9/30)
  • Appointed a new treasurer - Lauren Shull
  • Brainstormed ideas for things to do/talk about at future PRISM meetings (feel free to comment on here if you have any more!)
  • Telephone Pictionary!! :)

Minutes - Meeting 9/16/11

  • Adjourned at 5:43pm
  • Introductions
  • Announcements:
    • Pitzer equivalent of PRISM wants funds to help restart (More information from Chance)
    • "Scenes Unseen" being performed through the QRC: want money from PRISM
      • Asking for $400
      • Since our barbecue will be about $400, and we only have $800 for the year, motion to give $50 to the QRC for the event
      • Motion passed.
    • Dinner with faculty through Leonard Fund: 7 faculty/staff members already interested
      • Expect an email with names to sign up for
    • Need more female mentors for QQAMP
      • Contact Jonathan or Kyle
    • First Ally Training today, 16 people showed up
    • DADT will be repealed on Tuesday!
  • Thought question: How can we get the public on the same level as the LGBTQQIAA (did I forget any??) community?

Minutes - Meeting 9/9/11

  • Adjourned at 5:40 PM
  • Introductions
  • Announcements:
    • Ally Training posters, meet up at 7pm Monday (Cameron will send out an email)
    • Ally Training will begin next week on Friday. Lasts for 3 weeks, Fridays 12-1pm. 
    • Using Leonard Fund to have dinner with faculty, etc. involved in PRISM
      • PRISM motions to pay for the extra costs
      • Voted, motion passed.
    • Coming Out Day - Oct. 11
  • Ground rules of PRISM
    • Rule #1 (Don't be a jerk).
  • Thought question: What do you think of allying in our community? What should they do? What should we do?

Minutes - Meeting 9/2/11

  • Adjourned at 5:40
  • Introductions
  • Events that PRISM hosts: 
    • Ally training - Begins two Fridays from now, lasts for 3 weeks
    • Oct 11 - National Coming Out Day
    • Nov. National Transgender Remembrance Day
    • Day of Silence Barbecue
  • Announcements:
    • Need people to create posters, help with posters for Ally Training
    • What to do for Nat'l Coming Out Day: Take a picture of everyone with "Gay? Fine by me!" shirts, paint our wall
    • QQAMP and QRC open house on 8/15
    • Oct. 1 - Gay Days at Disneyland