Friday, September 30, 2011

Minutes - Meeting 9/30/11

  • Money allocated to the Pitzer Feminist Coalition on Wednesday at 10am. 
    • Action to give $50 approved
  • Speakers for National Coming Out Day (next Friday, 10/7)
    • Need 2 students, a faculty member, and a person with queer parents
    • OID (or just Angelica) will be helping recruit
    • Picture with "Gay? Fine by me!" shirts on Tues. 10/11 near Hixon Court
  • Counted PRISM in the GLSEN Census
  • Tuesday Talks begin 10/4 at the QRC
  • Last Ally Training was today, went well
  • Thought questions (taken from the idea list below)
    • What do people think of queer portrayal in pop media?
    • Polyamory - opinions?
    • What do you do if you like someone but aren't sure about how they feel?

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