Sunday, December 11, 2011

Minutes - Meeting 12/2/11

  • Introductions: What's your favorite Disney movie?
  • Adrianna's coming to the next meeting with placards 
  • Funding request for speakers from "Everyone is gay" - trying to get people who don't usually go to queer events
    • Occurring on Feb. 24th
    • Raised $2000 already
    • Want to book by Dec. 20th
    • Motion to give $100 - passed
  • Bathroom Experiences funding request - acting on it now
  • Western Regional Conference occurring Feb. 24-26
    • LGBTQIA conference for all of California
    • Occurring at UC Merced this year
    • Cheaper if you register early
    • Last year, we held a workshop there. Ideas for this year?
  • Search committee for new dean of OID - if you know anyone, let Cameron know
  • News: CMC is about to approve gender neutral housing!
  • Fun facts: If you add a U to LGBTQIA, you get QUILTBAG! Also, LGBT reminds Kevin of Gay Bacon Lettuce Tomato

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