Saturday, November 26, 2011

Minutes - Meeting 11/18/11

  • Vigil at 7pm. Meet at the Hoch and walk down to the QRC
    • Discussion and tea after
  • Transgeneration viewing - is anyone going?
    • Conflicts with a lot of events
    • Motion to cancel event - confirmed
  • $75 for film about bathroom experiences - contact Nicole
  • Family is trying to get bloggers from "Everyone is gay" to come to the 5Cs, asking for money
    • Trying to spread awareness, etc. 
    • Decided to wait for more information (date, details, etc.) before committing 
  • QPAC study break on Sunday Nov. 20th with samosas
  • Discussion at lunch on transgender acceptance around the 5Cs
    • Biggest issue - changing course evaluations is difficult because it is scored using a machine
    • Let's start a petition at a table in the Hoch

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