Monday, February 6, 2012

Meeting 2/2/12

  • Intros - fave class of the new semester?
  • We are currently waiting on 1 event to tell us how to pay them. We have the name for another, but the information needs to be transmitted to Lauren.
  • New CMC event: Crush for your crush
    • Promote gender neutral crushes by sending a Crush soda to your crush!
    • They're doing it as a fundraiser, we should do it for free!
    • Table at the Hoch from 2/6 - 2/10
    • Get requests first, then we'll buy the soda.
    • First soda will be for free, then $1 for subsequent sodas
    • Poster - Lauren and Natasha
    • Tabling - Spreadsheet will be sent out with times on it.
    • Sign off people's names on the roster list
  • Talk to admissions about Admitted Students Dinner - Sarah said she would do it!
  • Orientation - what to do this year?
    • Ice cream? 
    • Need to figure out next year's budget. Maybe ask for more money?
  • We went over the PRISM charter - it was last updated in 2006, yet it looked fine to us.
  • Other 5C groups: Rainbow People Collaboration, FAMILY
  • Western Regional Conference - no one from Mudd is going yet. The final list will soon be sent to Adriana, so let someone know if you want to go.
  • What is the status on adding trans coverage to student health insurance?
    • Make a petition and involve the 5Cs as well. 
  • Funding request - Documentary of Tales of the Waria
    • Asking for $100, but we're going to be over budget.

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