Friday, May 3, 2013

Minutes April 5, April 12

April 5

  • April 19th - Alex Sanchez the writer will be here from 7-9pm
  • BBQ on April 19th from 5:30-7pm for Day of Silence
    • Talk to dorms!
    • Buy coals, lighter fluid, find cars to go on Thursday
    • Fridges? Freezers? Make a google doc of shopping list and car list 
    • Jozi will make a rainbow cake!
  • Funding request through Cameron - Brianna Stansberry at Pitzer
  • Sex Positive shout it out day on April 27th - any interest in helping? 
    • Need help making cookies and posters the week before
  • Dinners? Dean Maggie, Prof. Dyson, Prof. Yong, Prof. O'Neill
  • ASP dinner? 
  • "gay? fine by me." shirts are in
    • $6 for a new one if you already have one
    • wear them during ASP
    • table for shirts
  • Ally training on April 8th, 5-7pm in the Aviation room
  • 2 Supreme Court cases started, outcome in June

April 12

  • Jozi will write the check to Jacey 
  • Barbecue:
    • Have an extra driver! - when do we want to buy things? put up shopping times on the google doc
    • Contact Sontag/Case/Linde/West for barbecues
    • Use Scott's fridge for things
  • Lots of off-campus interest for "gay? fine by me." shirts, so we should buy a lot and sell them
  • Officers for next year? email prism-l
    • Kevin and Jozi for president
    • Izzy for documentarian

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