Thursday, March 1, 2012

Minutes - Meeting 2/16/12

  • Sarah talked to admissions about the dinner during ASP
    • They said it was a good idea but haven't gotten back to us yet
    • Sarah said to have back up plans in mind
  • New Jersey has a bill to allow gay marriage! And Washington passed it last week! 
  • Club budget - ~$575 dollars left, of which we want to reserve ~$400 for the barbecue
    • Crushes didn't use up as much money as we expected, as people paid about $60 for extra
  • Dean Spade is in Ontario for a transgender conference, so we should try to get him to come to the 5Cs
    • August will send us information about him and essays he's written. He's apparently extremely articulate :)
  • Dinner with faculty still happening? Do we have funding? - Cameron will talk with Dean Jakes 
  • Lisa Cau, Scripps Family member is still doing Queer Bible Studies, anyone is welcome to join
  • random aside - simple harmonic sexuality!

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