Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Minutes - Meeting 3/1/12

  • Cameron talked to Dean Jakes - we have money for dinner with faculty
    • Cameron will email profs and confirm with them
  • World News: 
    • Gay sex in India was passed a few months ago, and recently, the government promised they will stand by the judicial decision
    • Obama said health insurance should cover contraception
      • Lost in court, 51-48
    • Maryland legalized gay marriage
  • 33 events are planned for Gaypril - a calendar will be sent out
    • Should we paint our wall? - decided not to, since painting Walker wall is already a huge event
  • ASP - admissions said they would email Sarah during the first few weeks of March
    • Dinner will most likely be possible
  • Need to talk to dorms and the Hoch about using extra grills for BBQ
    • Day of Silence (and BBQ) is on 4/20
    • Also holding a silent picnic outside all of the dining halls during lunch
    • Amy and DOS will front the money for the BBQ
  • Side note: rules of the internet are long and weird.

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