Thursday, May 10, 2012

Meeting Minutes - Lots of them!

  • Orientation - Chance will talk to Christian (one of the directors)
    • PuzzleHunt or something different?
    • Queer issues during orientation -> Men's/Women's issues
      • Also talk to Dean Guy
  • Was the ASP dinner advertised? 
    • Was in the program
    • At the same time as other dinners
  • Day of Silence picnic also had a low showing
  • Numbers are dwindling in PRISM
    • Have an equal number of discussions, LGBT stuff, fun stuff
    • Things like Girl Talk/Guy Talk at the QRC
    • Weekly discussion topics - serious/fun/ridiculous
      • Send them out earlier so people can come prepared
    • Google Doc for funding requests
  • Presence at Club Fair next year
  • Ally training again would be good
    • We need to advertise other events like that
  • First discussion for next year - Being LGBT at Mudd/5Cs
  • Contact admissions about advertising being a welcoming/accepting campus

  • Get ice and charcoal
  • Get coolers from the LAC
  • Budget meeting on Sunday
  • Angelica made a sign to put up near the picnic
  • Make a Thank You card for Amy

  • $50 to Queer Ballroom Social
  • $100 to CMC's group hosting a Day of Silence party
    • Approved
  • Officers -> Chance Crompton and Kevin Hale are presidents, Sarah Scheffler is treasurer
  • "Gay! Fine by me!" shirts on Sunday
  • Dorms about BBQ - Chance and August will take care of it
    • Menu - DOS funded
    • Facebook event
    • Placards have been made, will send out an email for tabling 
  • Orientation dinner is Sunday at 6pm!
  • Photocopies can be done at the library
  • Email to prism-l about unloading cars and using freezers

  • Wear "Gay? Fine by me!" t-shirts on Sunday
  • Orientation stuff - meet with directors
  • Queer Balroom Social tonight
  • BBQ Menu - plan at next week's meeting!
    • Amy and Cameron will go shopping on the 18th
    • Need places to store food
    • Ask dorms for equipment - barbecues and speakers
  • ASP dinner is in the program, need a 1 sentence blurb about dinner/PRISM
    • Ask Prof. Bernoff and Dean Guy to join
    • Informal gathering, maybe have intros from members/officers
  • Officers? Anyone interested?
  • ASHMC budgeting coming up soon
  • Modify the charter? 
  • Revise blurb in the Student Handbook
    • Talk to Dean Guy
  • Posters - have OID put them up, etc. 
  • Orientation - who can come back early?
  • Tabling for Day of Silence - table Tuesday through Thursday

  • Sarah talked to the people in charge of ASP and everything is set - dinner is in the Aviation Room
  • POSTERS! - define being an ally:
    • "What does being an ally mean to you?"
    • CUC and DOS can do the printing
    • Google Doc for tabling
    • Email to students, faculty, and staff
    • Try to get at least a dozen peopole
    • Ask OID for camera!
  • Kyle works at the QRC to incorporate outside groups
    • He will come to PRISM once a month to see if things are going well and see what the QRC can do for us
    • Suggestions to him:
      • More events closer to Mudd
      • Event calendars and emails
  • Biology Rhodes scholar speaking at QRC about being queer in science
  • Walker Wall painting on Sunday - Bouncy House!
  • Gaypril facebook event, calendar posted around campus
  • Queer Geek Social - April 28th
  • $50 bucks to Queer Ballroom Social for streamers, photocopies, food, and water.
    • In the SCC next to Doms Lounge
  • Tabling for Day of Silence with placards
  • Picnic lunch in front of the Hoch

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