Friday, September 14, 2012

Meeting Minutes - 9/7

9/7 - What is it like being queer at Mudd?

  • Prism - part support group, hold events, discussions every week this year
    • Send people to the Out to Innovate Conference, Western Regional LGBTQQIAA Conference
  • At Mudd, we have a very welcoming environment
    • Varsity sports don't have much experience with queer students, but they're still welcoming 
    • In fact, people are almost enthusiastically accepted
      • Walker Wall painted rainbow colors during "Gaypril"
    • Office of Institutional Diversity (OID) is a great resource - go talk to Dean Sumi!
      • Holding an event for National Coming Out Day on Oct. 11th
    • Erin O'Brien, an intercollegiate professor for Asian American studies, is teaching a class at Mudd this year called Queering Asian America
      • She's also out and is a great resource for students
    • QQAMP (Queer, Questioning, & Ally Mentor Program) is another resource that's completely confidential and lots of fun
      • Apply to be a mentee or mentor online!
    • People who are genderqueer are also well accepted, even in the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship group
    • QRC (Queer Resource Center) - has a library, meetings 
      • Open house on September 24th - Prism should walk down together
      • On 6th Street near Frary Dining Hall
    • Mudd is one of the more accepting schools, though none of the 5Cs are really hostile
      • Family (at Scripps) is the largest queer group outside of the QRC
      • Mudd students are more empathetic because we think about things more, also we don't like confrontation/conflict
    • Also a lot of queer faculty members - Prof. Bernoff, Prof. Dyson, Prof. Yong, Dean Guy
  • What does Prism do on a day to day basis?
    • This year, we're going to have discussions every week, especially to get more information and break us out of the "Mudd bubble"
    • We plan events occasionally
    • Have fun/chill, and build community
  • Prism shirts are available! And if you have an idea, submit it to Chance/Kevin!
    • More Gay? Fine by me! shirts are being ordered!
  • Also tell the prezzies about speaker ideas!
  • A survey will be sent out with preferred meeting times

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