Friday, September 14, 2012

Meeting Minutes - 9/14

9/14 - Depiction of Queer Characters in Media

  • A survey will be sent out soon regarding preferred meeting times
  • Movie tonight at 8pm! Fantastic Mr. Fox in Galileo! Snacks will be provided!
    • Any other movie ideas for the future?
  • Media + Queer characters:
    • True Blood, Desperate Housewives, Glee, Modern Family, Torchwood, Greek, Dance Academy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Teen Wolf
    • Glee is very fixed on dichotomy of gay or straight, no in between
    • Often, gay characters are flamboyantly so. This may be to make it obvious without outright saying their sexual orientation
    • Greek has a non flamboyant gay character; Teen Wolf does a good job as well
    • Degrassi has a person who is transgender
    • Online: which tumblrs you follow labels you as queer
      • On Starcraft, a transgender MTF was defended and supported
    • Books: not many big publishers that output stories with queer characters
      • Sometimes gay/lesbian characters, but nothing else
      • Sci-fi also has gender swapping characters
    • Is it better to have queer characters that are depicted stereotypically or not have any at all?
      • Sometimes, the queer community gets angry when they are not depicted stereotypically 
      • Hard to have this due to complicated scripts, etc.
    • Is incorporating the fact that the character is queer into the story necessary?
      • E.g. Dumbledore was mentioned after the series was written, almost. 
        • People accused J.K. Rowling of making it an afterthought
        • People also wondered why she had to bring it up if it wasn't relevant to the story
      • Automatically assume that the queer character is then associated with the protagonist 
    • A lot of the time, the fact that the character is queer is the main focus of their plot line. 

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