Friday, January 25, 2013

Minutes 1/25/13

  • Introductions/What did you do over break?
  • Let's do Crush for your Crush again
    • Program that allows students to send an anonymous crush soda with a note to anyone for free. Additional sodas cost $1 each.
    • Need to table next week
  • Lots of professors want to have dinner with members of Prism. 
    • Prof. Bernoff definitely interested
    • Other professors? - Prof. Yong, Prof. Dyson, Dean Sumi
  • Gaypril is coming up in a little while. We should not be outdone by the other colleges! Plans:
    • Let's have a career forum
    • Ally training?
  • Other things to do this semester? 
    • More movie nights! Anyone know of good movies?
  • Anyone who wants to go to the Western Regional Conference at Santa Cruz near the end of February, let Chance/Kevin know! The QRC is sponsoring it.
  • Tonight, Bring a Friend to the QRC Social. Chance is walking down at 7pm
  • Current events:
    • Russian state Duma is banning "gay propoganda" and it's backed by the parliament
      • They are also weeding out gay recruits
    • Rhode Island is starting to weigh approving gay marriage
      • It will be the last New England state to approve it
  • An email will be sent out about changing the date of meetings soon!

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