Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Minutes 2/1

  • Campus of Queer Leaders meeting was at lunch!
    • If a meeting of 7C queer groups happens, the topic of discussion should be acronyms. LGBTQQIATS? It's getting out of hand. 
    • Gaypril stuff - calendar for events due by March 11th
      • Event with alumni - Does anyone know of alumni to contact? 
  • Crush For Your Crush
    • Email about tabling will be sent out soon
    • First soda free, any extra $1. Off campus deliveries are also $1
    • Poster?
  • Dinner with profs/faculty? 
    • People will talk to Prof. Yong, Prof. Bernoff, and Dean Sumi
  • Fix ASHMC page about Prism officers
    • Should we make a prism-presidents-l? Or an external email? That way we won't have to refresh the contact address
  • We have a flag for Prism now! 
  • Film screening for Perks of Being a Wallflower is delayed because of the Duck! show

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