Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Minutes 2/22/13

  • Dinner with Prof. Bernoff this Thursday
    • Prof. Yong in March
    • Dean Maggie also interested
    • Others? Prof. Dyson? Angelica?
  • Co-sponsor Pitzer workshops that Jacelyn presented the week before
    • Agreed to give $100
    • Jozi will front the money?
  • Let's throw a party!
    • Probably a private party
    • In May sometime
    • Venue: Case courtyard, probably
    • Student DJ? Know anyone?
  • Let's do more outreach-y things! 
    • Local GSA's can tour around Mudd with us!
    • Get help of Angelica, admissions
    • May take more than just this semester to plan
  • Campaigning! 
    • For example, against the idea that men who have had sex with men can't donate blood
  • Current events:
    • CMC: tore down posters for the QRC party that said "Are we men or are we dancers?" - rewrote them to say "Your a man, act like one" (with the incorrect spelling and all)
      • What can we do? Nothing really at this point. No further aggressions after that, and it's being filed as a hate crime
    • Uganda - Anti-Homosexuality Bill says "imprison homosexuals for life"
      • Stephen Fry challenged the bill on Ugandan radio 
    • 1 of the prime candidates for pope, an African man, says "in my country, homosexuality is not a thing"

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