Saturday, February 16, 2013

Meeting Minutes - 2/15/13

  • We have been invited to a Progressive Dinner among 6 Claremont Colleges resource centers
    • March 1st, from 5-7:30
    • Travel from one location to another and eat everywhere!
    • If we're interested, we need to add a list of clubs. Also, we can do a 1 minute presentation about the work we're doing here
  • A student from Pitzer student (Josie?) that has embarked on a large project on being mindful of people's personal space with two of her friends
    • 3 components: community discussion, artists/activists doing workshops, and a performance 
    • They are fundraising for the workshops
    • Currently, 4 workshops have been confirmed - first one on March 9th by Mia Mingus
    • They currently are trying to raise another $1250 
    • We will give between $100-200, and we will probably need someone to front the money when we decide
  • Current (and old) Events:
    • Illinois state legislature passed gay marriage, and now it's off to the Democratic Senate
    • Great Britain also did, a few weeks ago
    • New York Times article on how more universities are adding gender reassignment surgery under the insurance policies
      • Has Claremont done this yet? We don't think so...
    • A high school in Indiana suddenly switched to straight couples only for their prom
      • Cause of parents' petitioning
    • Missouri school said dates must be where a "girls take boys and boys take girls." When they got a negative response, they apologized and said it was mainly to stop people from circumventing the singles' rate
    • Orrison Scott Card said in 2004: "If gay marriage is legalized, civilization will collapse" 
      • More recent, similar statement as well
    • In Ghana - article called "A Tsunami Called Homosexuality To Destroy Global Moral Fiber"
      • Allows more ways for the U.S. to exploit other countries
      • How does South Africa feel about homosexuality? - Okay with it
    • Two retired soccer players came out as gay today (independently)
    • (As opposed to bad athlete news:) Oscar Pistorius (the disabled Olympian) accidentally (maybe) shot his girlfriend
    • Pope resigned - too old and sick to continue his post
    • Russia NP banning homosexual websites
    • Iceland has a ban on online porn because promotes abuse 
    • Nordic country is the first to restrict lap dancing on feminist grounds 
      • Part of a large sexual feminist movement in Europe
      • U.S. (or at least CA) has a rule that strip clubs with fully nude dancers cannot serve alcohol

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