Saturday, February 9, 2013

Meeting Minutes 2/8 - Guest Appearance from Dean Sumi!

  • In three weeks' time, we will have dinner with Prof. Bernoff
    • Details still to be hashed out
  • Funding for Alex Sanchez - Mexican American author, writes gay teen fiction. 
    • QRC wants to bring him to Claremont
    • Asking for $100
    • Approved
  • Boy Scouts was considering allowing gay members and scout masters
    • Decision has been deferred until May
    • Atheists aren't allowed to be Boy Scouts either
    • In both cases, you are simply considered to "never have been a scout"
  • Movie Night at 8:30 - Paranorman
  • Mormonism will probably reverse position on gay rights eventually using a "revelation"
    • Currently, LGBTQ people can be members but must abide by Mormon rules - including heterosexual marriage and having children
  • Tabling for Crush for Your Crush:
    • Saturday dinner: Nicole at 5pm, Natasha at 6pm
    • Sunday dinner: Kevin M. 
    • Monday lunch: Karen
    • Monday dinner: Jozi
    • Tuesday lunch: Kevin H. and/or David 
    • Tuesday dinner: Chance and/or Natasha
  • Buying soda: sometime soon with David? Anyone else with a car that is free Tuesday evening or Wednesday?

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