Friday, March 8, 2013

Minutes 4/8/2013

Minutes 8 March 2013

Collaborating with OID for a queer-related project during GAYpril.
-What about that party we were thinking about planning?
   -Not necessarily queer related.

Coming up on the 28th of March is the first dialogue of Expectations of
Identity series, which focuses on giving queer people of color a space to
speak to their experiences.
    -6-8 PM at the Office of Black Student Affaris (139 E. Seventh Street)
    - The next will be on the 28th of April

"How do we validate ourselves in the midst of everything?"
-What does it mean to validate oneself?
    -Good self image?
    -(Self) Validation- to what extent is it an internal and external process
    -The struggle to maintain your sense of self when, perhaps, one is not
    being supplied to you?
        -Or more the struggle to maintain your sense of self when it's easier
        not to.
-What is validating oneself to others?
    -Explaining some aspect of yourself to others.
    -Does it have some element

A break from the philosophical discussion

-When is the barbecue?
    - ~Halfway through Gaypril: April 19, the Day of Silence
    -Is that something we might want to do with OID as our collaboration?
-What do we need for the barbecue?
    -Besides, obviously, things, we will need lots of fridge and freezer space
    from PRISM members.
-Difficulties: other groups want to have stuff on the Day of Silence (what?!)
    -Alex Sanchez event?
    -AQUA wishes to have a party on that day.
    -Both are probably fine, given the demographics likely involved.

Should we do some kind of thing for Claremont High school GSA? We can get
their contact information.
    -A tour that focuses on queer culture on the college?
        -Normal tours don't handle that sort of stuff (to our knowledge)
    -Numerous difficulties of legality and logistics
        -Perhaps some sort of field trip after their school ends?
        -Talk to Dean Guy and Bernoff?
    -This might benefit from collaboration with OID?

We must know more about Chance's HYPOTHETICAL PARTY
    -Is alcohol definitely to be a thing?

What is the current status of our finances?
    -Dinner with Professor Burnoff cost $233
    -How many more of these can we while still supporting the barbecue and the
    faint possibility of CHANCE'S PARTY

On April 8th, OID is doing ally training in the aviation room 5-8 PM
    -there will be multiple sessions.

ASP (admitted students program) approaches: do we want to do something for it.

At 7:30 in Platt on the 8th of March (today) there will be the Queer Men's
Social in Platt. There will be SNACKS.

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